Hugo - AKA (Retired)

RW Quadruple Grand Champion Bhanacoyne Hypersonic (TICA) and JW Champion Bhanacoyne Hypersonic (FIFe)

DOB 19th October 2012

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Our Hugo is such a big boy but is so sweet and gentle.  Hugo is now retired and his son Antoine has now stepped up as one of our two lothario's.  


Hugo has done very well in the show ring.  He gained the FIFe championship title and made Quadruple Grand Champion with TICA at a year old. He was also awarded 2nd best Longhair Junior for the show year 2013 with Felis Britannica and in 2014, he was awarded 2 lifelong Regional Winner (Western Europe) titles with TICA.  


Hugo has sired some gorgeous children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great, great grandchildren and aside from his 6 year old son Woody, and his 2 year old son, Antoine; the new boy on the block, we have 4 of his daughters, Maddox, Frankie, Amelie and Francoise. 


 Feel free to keep an eye on Hugo's facebook page ( for Hugo's news that he posts from time to time.


Sam (Bhanacoyne New Moon)

DOB 28th August 2004


Sam is our 15 year old pet neuter, who packed his bags and moved into our neighbours house six years' ago, when their elderly cat passed over the rainbow bridge.   He visits us often, and is such a character.  Whilst living with us, he purred very, very loudly, and snored almost as loudly!  Sam performed begging actions for his food (Chelsea trained him - not sure whether that was a good or bad thing to have done!)

 Being an only cat after Honey passed away, the subsequent introduction of our show and breeding clan did not impress Sam, so we ensured that Sam still had his own protected spaces around the house; he was particularly fond of Steve's desk and our bed.  Despite being a neuter, Sam was still the 'Alpha' cat of our family and when he put his paw down, everyone, feline or human, obeyed!    Sam is the only of our cats that was allowed outside unsupervised, although he only ever sat on the fence adjoining our neighbours house and hopped from side to side.  



Woody (Neutered)

(FIFe International Champion Janeissa Woody Maximus)

DOB 27th April 2014




Our home bred boy.  Woody's daddy is Hugo and his mummy is our German import, Sasha. He's followed in his parents' footsteps and is a great show cat; he's an International Champion who made his debut on to the show bench in Paris in October 2014, alongside our Norwegian import, Statham.  Both boys stole the show.


Woody lives with our daughter Chelsea and her husband Matt, where he is a pampered boy. Woody is best friends with Chelsea and Matt's Pomeranian dog, who is called .... ummmm .... Titan.  

Woody is now neutered and very quickly gained his Premiership title with FIFe.  


Statham (FIFE Champion Spellbound's Statham)

DOB 27th April 2014









Statham joined us at the end of September 2014.  His breeder is Kristin Graff of Norway, who breeds stunning Maine Coons.  Statham settled immediately into our home, handling the flight and the car journey home in the same chilled way that he handled the Paris show, the world show and his UK shows since.   Statham gained EX1 and BIV at his first show, was nominated for best kitten and continued to do very well as an adult.


Statham is an absolute dream to show; sitting patiently in show hold without any fuss.  He is a stunning boy and such a cuddle monster.

Statham lives with our friends Heidi and Lee, for most of the year, but comes 'home' for holidays from time to time.

Thank you so much Kristin, for our stunning boy!  


Barney (FIFe Champion Lisieux Barney McGrew)

DOB 19th December 2014 -











Barney joined us soon after our Estonian girls, Eva and Ava; the 3 soon became very good friends.

 Barney was an earlier producer and, having discovered the way into the girls area, had far more of his fair share of love sessions. He is now neutered and living with our good friend Emma.  Barney is a Champion with FIFe and has continued with his show career as a neuter, being nominated Best in Show male neuter at the his last show.  


3 of Barney's babies remained with us; Tres Noir, Lady Marmalade and Lily Frost (sadly deceased), and Buzz, his son, enjoys a thoroughly pampered life as a pet neuter with our son Jordan and his partner Steve.

Barney is now a grandpa and great grandpa as Lady Marmalade and Tres Noir have both become mummies, and Lady Marmalade's daughter River (sired by Dexter), now living with Josie Hughes as a show cat, has had babies and we have the pleasure of one of her youngsters; LIa, joining us.  Tres Noir also has super babies, and we have kept Antonie and Amelie from a love match with Hugo

 Thank you so much Josie Hughes for this boy, who brings so much joy into the lives of everyone he meets

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Dexter (FIFe Champion For Your Eyes Only of the Schi-Coons) 

                          DOB 16th June 2015

We've long admired the cats bred by Carmen and Dirk of Schi-Coons and we are so happy we have our very own Schi-Coons cat ...... in fact, we now have too, as Pippi joined us in 2018 :) 


Dexter joined our family in October 2015 and was initially settled in with Woody, at our daughter Chelsea's house, before moving to our home and being introduced and settled in with our brood.


Dexter is such a soft and gentle boy and is very laid back; not being bothered at all in being bossed around by the feline ladies.  When it comes to stud-boy duties though, it's a completely different thing and he doesn't put up with any nonsense.  


Dexter purrs and trills for England ... (even though he is Dutch :) ... very loudly, has such a sweet, loving temperament and is a dream to handle at shows.  


Dexter became a father for the first time in June 2016 - so was a slow starter; but since then he's not looked back :)   We have one of Dexter's daughters here; PawSecco Pizzazz, who is the daughter of Sasha, so carries the German line forward.  


Thank you Carmen and Dirk for our lovely boy and our lovely girl.  As you know, they are both adored by us all.

             Buzz (Janeissa Buzz Lightyear)

                  DOB 5th May 2016


Buzz owns our son Jordan and his partner Steve, and he is just as much of a clown as his daddy Barney.  

He visits us often, and doesn't like travelling in a cat carrier; instead he sits on the dashboard of the car; with a lead and harness for security.    


When they arrive on our drive, he hops out of the car and struts up our front steps and waits outside the front door.  He is such a sweetie!

Buzz has plenty of overnight stays and short holiday times with us and is brilliant in settling in with whichever kittens we have at the time, and he gets on so well with all our adult cats.  He's a real dream to have around.

      Champion Janeissa Monsieur Antoine

                  DOB 19th June 2017


Antoine and his siblings were born on the evening immediately before I travelled to Montpellier to the Royal Canin World Convention (which focused on genetics and the link between nutrition and health).  


Antoine is siring some gorgeous babies that have the most amazing temperaments


Antoine's mummy is Tres Noir (French for 'Very Black') .,... hence the French name given to both Antoine and his sister Amelie

He has done consistently well on the show bench and is so easy to show

      Janeissa Bartholomew True Blue (Bart)

              DOB 14th October 2017

                   Deceased summer 2019


Bart is the son of Dexter and Lady Norman.  He's a blue tabby and is such a softie.   He's never taken to being show trained and prefers to ramble around with the cats and kittens, acting the clown.


We have decided that Bart would be happiest as beloved pet cat and as such, Bart has now been neutered.   


We will be seeking a retirement home for Bart as some stage in th near future.


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