Tilly (Kizzacoons Chantilly Creme)

DOB 2nd May 2013


Tilly is now retired and happy in her new forever home.  She was such a friendly girl and was definitely the mother of the group and general groomer; when we brushed one of the other cats or kittens, Tilly was never far behind cleaning up after our 'mess'.


Sadly, we did not keep any of Tilly's babies, so we have been unable to run on any of her lineage.  

Fergie (Jungle Man's One and Only)

DOB 9th July 2013


Fergie is a real diva in the nicest sense.  If she were human, she would be someone famous with designer clobber, a top notch pad or six, a famous husband, a bottomless bank account and the coolest of friends. She is defintely in the 'too cool for school' league.    Fergie has the most wonderful personality and is very charismatic; she gets whatever she wants, when she wants, effortlessly. 


AKA The Princess is also a very, sweet and loving girl, who is now neutered and lives a leisurely life of retirement, together with her daughter Maisue Mae, with Mira and Rob

Sasha (FIFe Champion Elcontra Barcelona D'Jumbo)

DOB 18th July 2013



Sasha is a wonderful clear black silver classic tabby girl. At her first FIFe show she was nominated for best in show and she consistently did well on the show bench and quickly gained her Champion status.  


Although Sasha was 4 years old by the time she retired, she remained the baby of the group and continued with her habit of testing all normal conventions; doing absolutely everything her own way.  We often found her asleep in the weirdest places and strangest positions.  

We also think she must have been a little Houdini as she got into and out of rooms/doors/spaces without us knowing how.  


Thankfully this didn't included going outdoors, but it did mean an unplanned liaison between Sasha and Barney (we are not sure if Sasha or Barney, or both, were the culprit in that particular 'break out') but the liaison resulted in the most wonderful patter of little kitty feet, including Storm in A Teacup - owned by our friend Frankie.  Storm occasionally graces the show bench and is a Premier (the neuter equivalent of Champion status).

Then in 2017, Sasha delivered babies sired by our Dexter.   They were the most fantastic babies, and as we couldn't decide between 2 of the girls, so we kept both PawSecco Pizzazz and Belle of the Ball.   

Sasha is now neutered and living with Hannah and Dan who are spoiling and pampering her to her hearts' content :) 

Annie (Bhanacoyne Quixotic)

DOB 6th June 2014









Annie joined us in August 2014 and very quickly became a very good pal with Maddox.  She's a very friendly girl with a huge purr and has a very sweet nature.  She liked to where she fitted in the pecking order with our brood, and likewise, she liked everyone else to know their place.


However, during the evening 'mad half hour' time, Annie was always in the very middle of the crazy cat antics and literally bounced off the walls and springboards across our furniture.  If human, Annie would surely be an esteemed athlete.  


Annie has had the sweetest babies and was a very tolerant, patient mummy to them.  


Annie has now retired and is very happy and pampered. 


Maisie (FIFe Champion Janeissa Maisie Mae)

DOB 28th May 2014












Maisie Mae is the daughter of Fergie and Hugo, and is such a flashy, pretty, happy go lucky girl who is very easy going, unfazed and relaxed with everything.  During her show career, she handled shows brilliantly, lapping up all the attention and taking in everything going on around her.  Maisie has the most wonderful voice and makes an assortment of Meep Meep (inherited from her mum Fergie) and trilling noises.

Maisie became a mummy, to kittens sired by Barney, and we just couldn't resist keeping Lady Marmalade, who seems to carry a wonderful mix of Maisie and Barney temperament:  wise yet crazy:  mad, funny, flirty, chatty, and loves the judges at cat shows.


Maisie is now neutered and her daughter Lady Marmalade has taken over Maisie's mantle on the show-bench.  Maisie lives with her mum Fergie, with her new human parents Mira and Rob.

Maddox (FIFe Champion Janeissa Maddox)

DOB 28th May 2014

Like her sister Maisie, Maddox also stole our hearts.  She wasn't particularly the prettiest of kittens and she has a masculine head, which she has grown into.  I think she is gorgeous and she has done well on the show circuit, and is now a Champion.

Maddox is a sensible, no-nonsense girl, and you can almost see her rolling her eyes and saying 'really?' when the others are being daft and silly.  She has her mum's sense of efficiency.   

Maddox is also very perceptive and is always on hand when any of us are feeling cross, upset or under the weather.  She has a calming presence and would make a wonderful therapy cat !  She often just sits quietly next to me, softly purring and occasionally stretching a paw to remind me she's there for me.  

Jo-Jo (Jungle Man's Navajo)

DOB 15th July 2014

Navajo joined us at the end of October 2014, after I flew over from Prague to Denmark as the World Show ended so that we could drive her back with us to the UK.  Jo-Jo is the second kitten we have brought to the UK from Gitte and Orla Dahm, and as with Fergie, we are delighted with her - she is a real treasure.

 She is a very stunning girl and has a wonderful temperament; very loving but also having a great fun side to her.  She often launches at me for cuddles irrespective as to whether or not I have my hands free, and she has an endearing habit of holding her paws out to you as you get close; as if to give a high five and say, hello mummy, give me love and cuddles.   

Jo-Jo also likes to hold hands with me when she settles for a cuddle, and she likes her paws held when she gives birth to her babies.  She's a really sweet and quirky girl.


Jo Jo is the mother of Tres Noir (sired by Barney) and of Son of Clooney (Walter) - who lives with Josie Hughes of Lisieux Maine Coons.

Thank you Gitte and Orla for letting another beautiful Jungle Man's cat live with us.  We are taking good care of her and she is very much loved. 

Ava - Esmerelda Eve Drongo (Retired) and Eva -Escada Elfa Drongo (Deceased)

DOB 14th November 2014

Ava (on the left) and Eva joined us from a breeder in Estonia.  We chanced across these 2 beauties whilst skiing in the alpes - well actually, the boys were skiing and Chelsea and I were relaxing in the hot tub, overlooking the slopes, drinking Prosecco and browsing the web.  The outcome was that these beautiful sisters joined our family.    They have since each had a litter of kittens, and we have kept Lily Frost from the Ava/Barney mating, and Jasabella Tinker Belle from the Eva/Statham mating.

Eva and Ava have since been neutered and are now retired.  

 Pascale (FIFe Champion Janeissa Kenwood's Pascale)

                         DOB 26th June 2015


Pascale was the only baby in her litter that survived birth, with the help of our vet (at the time) at Kenwood Surgery; hence her name being Kenwood's Pascale.  


Pascale is the daughter of Sasha and Hugo and stayed with us as a show girl.  She quickly gained her Championship title and was a joy to show. 

She has a wonderful personality, loving, friendly and such a calm girl.

Pascale is now neutered and is living with good friend Lisa, but she'll still be out and about in the show arena.

  Lady (Janeissa Lady Norman)

        DOB 19th July 2015


Lady Norman came to her name in a rather random way.  She was so similar in looks and colouring to her older half sibling, Lord Norman that she got tagged as Lady Norman- and the name just stuck.


Now we just call her Lady, although she doesn't very often live up to her name.  She is a lively, rough and tumble girl who jumps, climbs and runs as though she is training for the Olympics.  


Lady is a daughter of Annie and Statham and last year she became a mummy to kittens sired by our Woody.  


One of their daughter's, Willow the Wisp, left home to live with Lisa and started her career on the show bench, and is doing very well. At the last show, at the beginning of September, Willow was nominated for best female neuter.  

            Lily (Janeissa Lily Frost)

           DOB 23rd October 2015

       Sadly Deceased 16th June 2017

      Jazz (Janeissa Jasabella Tinker Belle)

              DOB 15th November 2015


Lily Frost was a daughter of Ava and Barney, but we sadly lost her to a a road traffic trauma at the end of our drive, after she escaped the house.  The driver that hit her did not stop, and although we found her relatively quickly, and rushed to our vet, we lost her.

Lily was expecting her first litter at the time so as well as losing Ava, we lost her line too.   

Lily was the sweetest, easy going, loving cat and we miss her very much.


RIP our darling Lily.

Jasabella (Jazz) is the daughter of Eva (one of our retired Estonian girls) and our Statham.  


Jazz doesn't like the show bench at all, preferring to stay at home. She has a very gentle nature, a real softy, with a quiet personality.


Jazz is now neutered and we will shortly be seeking a family for her retirement.

       Tres (Champion Janeissa Tres Noir)

         DOB 2nd May 2016

Tres Noir is a daughter of Jo Jo and Barney, and she just had to stay.


She has a fantastic temperament and absolutely loves the show bench.  She qualified very quickly for the World Show 2016, so we took her at the tender age of 5 months, along with Lady Marmalade, to last years' show, which was held in Vienna.

Tres Noir loves everyone, feline and human, and is a real clown of a girl.  She is fearless and we have to be very careful with windows and doors, as she is very quick off the mark and moves very, very fast.   She particularly loves escaping on to the roof of the roof lantern, whereon she then bolts round and round in circles at full speed, until she sends herself dizzy!   She is a treasure and a great addition to our furry brood.

Tres Noir has delivered her first litter of babies, sired by Hugo,at just 13 months old; earlier than we would like, but sometimes nature will out. We kept two of her babies with us, Antoine and Amelie. 

 Janeissa Frankie (Goes to Hollywood)

          DOB 23rd June 2016

Frankie is the daughter of Fergie and Hugo.      

Frankie made a successful entry into the show world, and subsequently gained 2 awards towards her championship title.  Just one more to go. 


Frankie is very good buddies with Tres Noir, although they are like chalk and cheese in their personalities and behaviours.  Frankie takes after her mummy Fergie; a considered and clever girl, who thinks before she acts; and subsequently gets exactly what she wants, quietly and without fuss. 


Frankie delivered her first litter of babies, sired by Dexter, in July this year (2018).   Very special babies :) 

      Janeissa Celeste

DOB 5th May 2016

Celeste is a very pretty silver tabby baby.. 

Celeste lives a very happy and pampered life with Nathalie and her husband and children, who she absolutely adores!  

        Marm (Janeissa Lady Marmalade)

            DOB 15th November 2015


Lady Marmalade is the daughter of Maisie Mae and Barney, and Grand-daughter of Fergie and Hugo.  Marm is the most extrovert cat I have ever known and she is such a sweetie with it.

She's a natural on the show bench, loving all the fuss, although she sometimes plays up as she gets bored of being held in show hold for too long.  She really does know her own mind ! 


Marm delivered her first and only babies in March 2017 (see Samsara Firefly (River), below).  River herself has become a mummy and we have her baby, Lia (Samsara Aurelia) with us.  


Lady Marm's babies were full of character and were pretty mischievous - which we fully expected !   But she did really not like being a mummy - so she had now been neutered, and we will shortly be seeking her forever home for her retirement, where she can be an affection junkie to her hearts content.

      Janeissa Champion Samsara Firefly (River)

             DOB 29th March 2017

River is the great granddaughter of Fergie and Hugo, the granddaughter of Maisie Mae and Barney, and the daughter of Lady Marmalade and Dexter.   


She is a very beautiful tortie smoke who lives with our good friend, Josie Hughes, of Lisieux Maine Coons.  River made her show-debut at the beginning of September and behaved impeccably and very quickly gained her Championship title :)

      Belle (Janeissa Belle of The Ball)

           DOB 5th January 2017


Belle is the daughter of Sasha and Dexter.   She is absolutely stunning.


Belle attended her first show in June, at just 4 months' old, and was nominated for Best in Show :)     Very proud of her.  

Belle did not enjoy being a member of such a large multi-cat household and as such, she has been spayed and is now a retiree with a wonderful family.

      Paw (Janeissa PawSecco Pizzazz)

            DOB 5th January 2017

Paw is also the daughter of Sasha and Dexter, and sister to Belle.   She has the most amazingly pretty coat markings and is a little bit of a naughty monkey - the complete opposite of Belle.  


When young, Paw spent much of her time making eyes at Hugo ........ but she could dream on :)  ...... he's been neutered, but it seems that she didn't receive the memo.     She's since turned her attention to Antoine, and the pair have become a love item.


Paw currently has new born babies, sired, of course, by Antoine !


          Blossom (Janeissa Summer Blossom)

                  DOB 11th May 2017

Blossom is the daughter of Lady Norman and Dexter, and we were so torn as to whether Blossom or her sister Apricot Blush (or both) would be staying with us, as they are both so lovely.   We finally decided that Blossom will stay and Blush was matched to a fabulous home and is now chief where is is resident Prima Donna.   


Blossom is a brown tortie tabby, the same as Belle, and she is very very similar in type to Belle, and it is this look that I very much like.  


          Lia (Lisieux Samsara Aurelia)                     DOB 18th December 2018

Lia is a silver tortie smoke, and is the daughter of Firefly (River), granddaughter of Lady Marm, Great Granddaughter of Maisie Mae and the G G Granddaughter of Fergie ...... so a long lineage with us.


She is a typical tortie, mischievous, chatty and always under our feet

Lia is yet to make her show debut this summer and we are hopeful that she will become a future love match for Antoine


          Kali (Janeissa Samsara Kalise)                     DOB 18th December 2018

Kali is a silver tabby, and is the daughter of Celeste, granddaughter of Sasha and Barney 


She is a very sweet, loving and easy going girl who gets along easily with all our our brood

As with Lia, Kali is yet to make her show debut, and we are hopeful that she will eventually be a future love match for Dexter


          Pippi (Pippi of the Schi-Coons)                     DOB 10th December 2017

Pippi is a solid red girl, who joined us from Carmen Ebbers in the Netherlands. 

She is a fun, outgoing and sassy girl and us uber friendly.


Pippi is already and Champion and we are hoping that one day soon she decides that she'd like to become a mummy :) 


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