About Janeissa Maine Coons

My name is Janice and I am a breeder of Maine Coons based in Daventry, South Northamptonshire.  I show my cats and kittens at FIFe and TICA shows; the majority of our cats have achieved Championship status and others are working towards their Championship qualification. 


I am a member of several cat clubs and am a committee member of the Viking Cat Club (Felis Britannica).   My daughter and I enjoy showing our cats and kittens in Europe and particularly enjoy attending the annual FIFe World Cat Show.  


We attended the 2013 World Show which was hosted by Denmark and the 2014 show that was hosted by the Czech Republic.  In 2015, we travelled to Sweden for the annual event and were very proud when Woody and Statham were both granted the EX1 of their groups and Statham was called back for nomination for Best In Show.  Both boys behaved perfectly and presented beautifully to the judges.  Statham became a Champion and Woody became an International Champion.   


2016's World Show was held in Vienna, and we took our two youngest feline members; Tres Noir and Lady Marmalade, who both did us very proud indeed, and last year we took 4 girls as the show was closer to home; being held at The Hague in The Netherlands.  Tres Noir, Belle of the Ball, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Summer Blossom were all placed within the first 3 in their classes; brilliant result :)   


We did, however, come back with one less cat as Blossom was 'nabbed' by Netherlands Breeder Carmen Ebbers, who fell completely in love with Blossom and so we agreed that she would join Carmen and Dirk's family.   Carmen and Dirk bred Summer's daddy, Dexter, so it was fitting that Blossom would go back to her roots.  We subsequently have another Schi-Coons girl; a red tabby called Pippi, who joined us this summer :)   And she went Best in Show Junior at her last show in September 2018.  She is super!

Regarding cattery registrations, I am registered under the 'Janeissa' prefix with all 3 of the following Registries: Felis Britannica (FIFe), TICA and the GCCF.  

All our cats are genetically tested for health traits that have been identified as prevalent in Maine Coons; HCM, SMA, PK Def and we also test for PKD, and all our cats have tested negative of FeLV/FIV.

Background / History

My interest in breeding and showing started a long time ago, when I saw an advert back in the 1980's from Valerie Price of the Sashova prefix, for Russian Blue kittens.  A Russian Blue baby girl, who we called Natasha, subsequently joined our family back in the 80's and I started showing her at GCCF shows around the UK.  

After some time, I met my first Maine Coon, Sam, a red mackerel tabby bred by Lesley Price (Matagot prefix) at a cat show in the North of England.  It was love at first sight and from then on I have been totally hooked on Maine Coons.

Sam was my first MC pet, and I took Sam to shows as a kitten and then as a male neuter.  Over time three Maine Coon girls, (two from the Matagot cattery, one from Wilful) and one boy (also a Wilful bred boy) joined our family and founded the breeding lines of the Janeissa prefix.

After continuing to show and breed in the 80's and into the late 90's, I eventually had to concede that breeding, showing, a full time job, 3 children under the age of 5 and a husband working permanent night shifts was not a healthy balance.  Something had to give and so for sanity's sake, with much regret, I ceased breeding. 


Over time, our cats left us and Sam II (not a replacement for our first 'Sam' .... the name just suited him so much ...) joined us in 2006 as a pet neuter and was a much beloved friend of our last, remaining, retired/spayed queen, Wilful Honeychile (Honey), who subsequently, sadly passed away at the grand age of nearly 19 in 2009, leaving us a one cat family for the first time in decades.

The return to showing and breeding

With the children completing their university courses and starting their careers, we felt it was the perfect time to start showing again, and so, that is how we came to have our beloved Hugo join our family in January 2013.

We intended that Hugo would be a show neuter, with the longer term plan that I would look for a girl to show and then ease back into breeding in the future. However, Hugo did so well at the Felis Britannica shows that we started taking him to TICA shows too, where he also did well, gaining the title of Quadruple Grand Champion before he was a year old.  Hugo became a FIFe Champion and gained the title of top Maine Coon and 2nd best Longhair Junior for the show year 2013 with Felis Britannica, and  was awarded with the lifetime Regional Winner (Western Europe) title in 2014, with TICA.

Hugo's success prompted a lot of discussion, deliberation and consideration and we finally decided that Hugo would be registered on the 'active' register (and hence become a breeding boy).

Of course, deciding to keep Hugo entire meant the need to find good quality girls to join the family, and so the search started, resulting in a lot of research and relationship building.   Fergie, from Gitte and Orla Dahm in Denmark joined us, as did Sasha (a German bred girl).

Our furry brood has now expanded, as you will see from the 'our boys' and 'our girls' pages of this website.  Our kittens are descended of furby parents from many counties across Europe; including Germany, Belgium, Estonia, The Netherlands, Denmark and Norway.....


Yes .... that's a lot of cats, but not all of them live here with us and not all are active within the breeding programme  (as you will also see detailed under their descriptions on the 'girls' and 'boys' pages).


Also, hubby Steve has worked wonders in providing great accommodation that includes the cats as part of our family life but means that our furry friends have their own space; our feline brood have free access to their own fully kitted-out (pardon the pun!) lounge with direct access to our garden and an outside, enclosed area and cat chalets.  They do not 'live out' in cat runs but come and go as they please through dog flaps into the enclosed indoor and outdoor areas and are very much a central part of our family life.  

When very young, our kittens have their own room which is equipped to provide care, support and stimulation in a hygienic and safe environment.  Once litter trained and eating solids, our babies start to have access to the rest of the house; getting used to the noises and routines of our busy house.  Our babies are then introduced to the rest of the feline family once they have received their vaccinations.    All kittens are fully vaccinated and also receive vaccinations against FeLV and Chlamydophila (Chlamydia), are micro-chipped, Pedigree Registered and neutered before leaving home.

All our breeding cats are clear of FeLV and FiV and have been tested for known genetic traits; including HCM, PK Def, PKD and SMA (and kittens leave home with copies of the Certificates).  We focus on breeding and raising healthy, happy, well-balanced Maine Coon kittens that settle quickly and thrive in their new homes with their new human parent/s.

Whether you are thinking of having a kitten join your family or whether you are browsing out of general interest, we hope you enjoy your visit to our site.  

If you would like to be considered for one of our babies, please either contact me using the 'contact us' form, email me at janicelayton@hotmail.com, or phone/text me on 07809 268509.

Additionally, Hugo Layton (HugoLayton.75) has his own facebook page, so please feel free to keep up with Hugo's news and antics, and there is also a Janeissa Maine Coons facebook page.

Hugs from Janeissa Maine Coons x