We currently have no kittens but will be expecting soon!


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Kittens are never reserved for future homes until we are sure that their new homes are the best for them.  This entails pre-visit contact and discussions with potential owners and at least one visit to our home, before a kitten is booked, so we can meet you and so you can be interviewed by our girls and boys (cats are so very perceptive).


Kittens leave us no sooner than 14 weeks old, after receiving a full programme of vaccinations, including Leukaemia and Chlamydophila, micro-hipped, insured for 5 weeks with Agria and will have have passed at least 2 health checks.  


Kitten leave home after they have been spayed/neutered, with a full worm and treatment history and with a their next months' supply of worm and flea treatment included in their kitten pack.  Their kitten pack also includes their first supplies of food and litter, their personal weight chart, a host of toys, their lead and harness, toothpaste and grooming brush.  The cost of one of our kittens is £895.  


All our adults are gene tested and none of our kittens are affected by the known genetic faults, including HCM, SMA, PKD and PK Def.

I am also on hand for support and advice for the lifetime of each kitten that leaves our home, and I am more than happy to help owners who would like to enter the show world.


If you are interested in becoming a human parent to a kitten bred by Janeissa Maine Coons, please contact me via the contacts page, via email at janicelayton@hotmail.com or by contacting me on 07809 268509.  


Also, please feel free to follow Hugo Layton (www.facebook.com/hugo.layton75) to see the antics of his life and that of our other furbies.  


Best wishes,  Janice, of Janeissa Maine Coons