11th September 2018


Show day on Sunday, what a lovely show it was too!   And our fur-babies had a very good day.  


Pippi went on to become best in show Junior,


Russian, at the tender age of 4 month, was put

forward for nomination, as were Tres Noir and

Lady Marmalade, who are both now Champions. 

Woody attended for his first show since being 

neutered and was awarded his first Premier








                                                    He went on to nomination and was then

                                                    entered into best in show.


                                                    Woody is already and International Champion,                                                            gained before he was neutered.  So this is a great                                                      start to his show career as a neuter.


15th August 2018


Can't believe that over a year has passed by since I last updated this page !!!!


We've had cat shows, kittens born and the usual vet visits, groomer visits, potential kitten owner visits, plus visits from humans that are now owned by kittens that have previously left us. 

Hugo and Woody are now retired and have been neutered.  Hugo is staying with us, and Woody has retired fully to live with our daughter Chelsea and her husband Matt.

Lady Norman and Belle of the Ball have also been retired, and spayed, and we will be looking for new homes for them in the next couple of months'.      Lady Marmalade will also be retiring later this year.   

We have three new kids on the block; Bartman (Bartholomew True Blue)- who is a Lady Norman and Dexter child:  blue silver with white, Pippi, a solid red Schi-Coons girl (from Carmen Ebbers of the Netherlands), and Jungle Man's Russian Twist, a tortie tabby with girl from Gitte and Orla Dahm in Denmark.  


River (Samsara Firefly) and Walter (Son of Clooney) have had a lovely and successful time on the show bench.  River is now a Champion, and Walter seems to go through to Best in Show every time he hits the bench.    Not surprised as he is stunning and has a fab personality.

Antoine went Best in Show male adult at his first show - and he'd only just turned 10 months' old so that was wonderfully promising start to his show career.   He's now 'active' and very much enjoying being active.  PawSecco was his first lady love.

We have had a few more of our adults made up to Champion in the past year, and we're really looking forward to the next show being held early September at Ryton.  

On the kitten front, it's been like London buses, a quiet waiting spell and then suddenly everyone wanted a bit of love action.   res Noir has babies, as mentioned above, PawSecco has Antoine's first borns - it's her first litter too, and Navajo has just delivered new-born babies, and last but not least, Frankie has delivered her first babies.  Just as well I don't have an outside job ;0     

8th June 2017

Where has the year gone!  ........ We've been busy 'catching up' with the breeding programme, following the completion of the building works.  All the girls have been calling their heads off so they were very relieved that they could start having 'love dates' with the boys.

So far we have had a fantastic litter from a pairing between Sasha and Dexter.  The babies left home some weeks' ago and have all settled very well into their homes.  

                                            We couldn't bear to part with

                                            PawSecco Pizzazz and Belle of

                                            The Ball, so they have stayed



                                            This was Sasha's final litter,

                                            and she has now retired, so

                                            I persuaded Steve that they

                                            had to stay on those grounds ;0

The girls went to their first cat show on

Sunday. Paw was placed 3rd in her class,

and Belle was placed 1st in her class and

went on to be nominated for best kitten

4-7 months, and as such, she's qualified

to attend the World Show 2017.  This year

the show is being held very close to the UK,

so we have a short journey The Hague.  

Gives me an excuse to take several cats out

this year ..... providing they qualify, that is :)

                                           Dexter also came 1st in his class and gained his next                                                  Championship point.  

                                           He is such a sweet and loving boy,

                                           and is siring beautiful babies with the most lovely 


                                           His older babies, from a love match with Lady Marmalade,                                            are absolutely gorgeous.

There are photos on the photo gallery on the kitten

page, but as a teaser, this little beauty will be leaving

home to live with Josie Hughes of Lisieux Maine Coon.

her name is Janeissa Samsara Firefly.

Given her heritage; a Lady Marmalade/Dexter Baby, 

and with Maisie Mae and Barney as grandparents,

and Fergie and Hugo as great-grandparents, her 

temperament is as expected: a flirty, confident, very

clever and naughty-tortie.  

It's going to be interesting watching this little minx

grow up.  

Dexter also has kittens of 4 weeks' old, borne to Lady Norman.  These babies are very well boned, and already looking strong in type.  I'll post photos when they are older.


Not to be outdone, Hugo and Jazz had a litter of very nice babies, who are currently flying the nest and will all have left home by the end of June.  



So as you can see, it's been a very busy few months, hence our not making it to any of the cat shows we had booked to enter in the first part of the year.

The next kitties on the horizon are from a love match from Hugo and Tres Noir.  Now that match should produce very stunning babies.  I have my fingers crossed that Tres Noir is growing a fabulous boy as it's time for Hugo to retire and become our Neuter pet/show cat ..... he'll be 5 in October so I think he's done his 'bit' for the Maine Coon breed :0


Pippi after winner best in show Junior 1
Woody after Best in Show judging 09.09.1


6th December 2016

What a busy weekend!   Building work is progressing but due to the first fix of electrics and plumbing at the latter part of the week, and on Saturday, I was unable to carry out the show baths.  Chelsea stepped in at the rescue and we hosted the show baths at her house on Saturday evening.  

So Sunday morning saw us heading off to Bourne, with 6 cats/kittens.  I must be totally bonkers!    

All our six did so well and I am very proud of them all.


But what a busy, albeit great, day!!!  

Pascale gained her 3rd championship point and is now a

Champion; so proud of her.

Woody was awarded his third Grand International

Championship point.

                                                                                        This is Pascale

                                                  It was Tres Noir's 2nd show and she was awarded EX1

                                                  in her class and invited back for nomination

                                                  It was Frankie's very first show, and she was also                                                         awarded EX1 in her class and invited back for                                                                 nomination


                                                  Dexter was awarded an EX1 and his 3rd CAC so he is               This is Frankie                    now a Champion


Lady Marmalade also gained an EX1 in her class and              

gained her first CAC (Championship point), was called

back for nomination and was put through as a nominee

for best female female. She is such a naughty, tortie,

but is such a flirt with the judges!

                                                    Also at the show were Lady Norman and Woody's                                                         daughter, Willow, and Sasha and Barney's daughter,                                                       Storm.  They both gained their EX1's too, and                                                               Storm gained her 2nd CAP (premier championship                                                         point).  Well done to Lisa and Frankie, their owners

                                                    And well done to all the kids :) 

18th November 2016

Well, just where have the last 11 months gone !  An update is long overdue .....

So here a snapshot update, working back over the past 11 months in reverse date order:-


November 2016

Well, the building works at Chez Layton are progressing - we have walls and soon the roof will be completed.  Just waiting for the roof lantern and tri folding doors to be delivered and installed and then the internal walls can come down















The other piece of news for November is that we've

finally made the decision to keep Frankie (Goes to

Hollywood) here with us. 


She'll be going to her first cat show at the

beginning of December.  


Also attending will be Woody, Dexter, Pascale,

Tres Noir and Lady Marmalade.  


It's the last show of this calender year so we thought, as it's so close to the

festive season, why not push the boat out.  Not looking forward to carrying out

6 show baths though !

October 2016

The annual World Show :)  This year we travelled to Vienna, and for the first time, we decided not to drive the whole way there, but instead, drove to Brussels airport, and travelled the rest

of the way via a Brussels airlines flight, taking the cats in the cabin with us.  

It saved a good 12 hours in journey time and the girls were so well behaved

and totally at ease during the whole journey.  Due to the weight and size

restriction of travelling with cats in the passenger cabin, we were restricted

as to which of our WS qualifying cats we could take, and after a lot of

deliberating, opted to take Tres Noir, our solid black girl, and Lady

Marmalade,  our very flirty Tortie

tabby and white.  

Both had a great time at the show,

and really enjoyed having

the very vast space of our rental

home to dart around during our

one week stay.  


Very proud of our young girlies.


September 2016

The Viking Cat Club show was held at the beginning of the month, and for this show, we entered Dexter and Woody. Dexter has had to start again on gaining his Championship award as it is now clear

that he is red silver, not red tabby, and therefore his previous Championship award

(as a red tabby) is null and void.  But never mind; it's important to get these things



Woody is now close to gaining his Grand International Championship title.


Well done boys :)  


This month was very busy with kittens 'meeting and greeting' their potential

new human parents.  It's such a lovely process, seeing kittens choose their new

families, knowing how much love, joy and happiness these bundles of purrs and

fur will bring to their new homes.

August 2016

Once again, such a busy month with kitten vaccinations, neutering schedules, and then seeing kittens off to their new homes.  We also attended the Colchester cat show, where Pascale and Dexter were awarded their championship points, and Lady Marmalade qualified for the World Show.  All were really well behaved; Lady M was her usual flirty, outgoing self, and Dexter is really beginning to enjoy the show scene.  


April - July 2016

Mid April was the cut off date for any further love matches, and the end of June saw the cut off date for any new babies being born, ahead of the building works starting on our house on 3rd October.  But

the months of May - July were very busy with vet visits as the younger and the older

babies attended for their vaccinations, micro-chipping, and neutering.  Thankfully,

our brilliant vet, Jenny, was happy to visit here to administer their vaccinations;

which was fantastic for the kittens.  

Another big event for May was our daughter' Chelsea's marriage to Matt :0 

Show wise, we attended the Ely cat club , where Pascale was awarded her CAC, was

placed as Best in Variety, and was nominated for Best in Show, and has therefore

qualified for the World Show.  So proud of our gorgeous girl.  Now need to arrange

for her pet passport :)  

This month, we said farewell to Eva and Ava who retired from showing and breeding, and have left home to live with our friends Sue and Steve.  They live mere minutes away from our home, actually within walking distance, so it will be easy to visit them to see how they continue to grow and develop over the coming months and years.


January - March 2016


Well thanks to Barney's ability to get through closed and locked doors, we have had several unplanned pregnancies, alongside the 2 pregnancies that were planned. So New Year to early Spring has been a full on period of kitten rearing, constant litter training, feeding, cleaning and kitty and cat care.    Whilst the kitty rearing itself is very rewarding, an unexpected plus has been a dramatic weight loss due to being on the go 18 hours each day for the past 4 months.  Not sure the 'kitten' diet is something I would recommend though!


6th December 2015

What a lovely show weekend in Edenbridge.  Wonderful atmosphere and a well organised show.  Our babies; big, youngster and babies all had a great day both days.  The judges were wonderful with them all.  All our brood gained their EX1's; and all were called back for nominations.   Well done Statham, Woody, Pascale, Lady, Barney, and Dexter.


Very proud of them all, especially Dexter, Lady and Pascale as it was

their first show and they were beautifully behaved.  

Woody gained the award of international champion and his first

award towards grand international champion and Statham gained

his championship status.  So proud of our brood.    



30th November 2015

We have babies :) Barney has become father to (yet more) scrummy,

munchy, lovely babies and Statham and Eva have beautiful babies too.  Lovely colouring including adorable red tabby and red tabby and white boys, black tabby hi white babies, a black and white boy and girl, silver tabby girls and boys and a black shaded girl.  Mummy's are doing an excellent job and the babies are doing very well.  


27th October 2015

We collected our new bundle of fun and fluff from the Schi-Coons breeder in the Netherlands this morning and are now on our way back to the UK.  


He was an absolute darling during the long journey home and has 

since settled well into our home lives. His Pedigree name is For Your

EyesOnly of the Schi-Coons, but his everyday name is Dexter.  


Dexter and Woody are already best buddies.  Thank you so much

Dirk and Carmen for this lovely, wonderful boy.  He is such a joy to

have in our lives.   


25th October 2015

The World Show in Sweden was fantastic.  What a brilliant show.  And we were very proud that our boys Woody and Statham both came first in their class and Statham was                                                            called back for nomination for Best In Show.  

                                               Felix Coon's Titanic, the Italian boy went on to                                                              win Best in Show - and what a magnificent cat he is                                                    too.  Sweden is a beautiful Country and we really                                                          enjoyed our visit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Now for the long

                                               journey home  .  .  .  .   








6th September 2015

Well done Maddox and Woody for gaining their EX1's and Championship points at the show today, and well done Statham for his EX1 and for getting Best of Variety.  We are so proud of our furry family :)




11 & 12 July 2015

Yesterday, Woody became a FIFe Champion, and was

Maisie Mae becoming Best in Variety, followed by awarded 

a Champion today and was also awarded Best in Variety.  


                                   Aside from becoming a Champion,

                                   Maisie was also nominated on both

                                   days and on both days she went on to win Best Adult Female.


                                   Both youngsters were sired by our Hugo, with the mummy of                                        Woody being Sasha and the mummy of Maisie Mae being Fergie.


                                   We are very proud of them both for achieving their                                                        Championship titles and they are each only just over a year old.

In addition, Woody's brother Hugo Maximus gained his second Premier point.  Well done Hugo Maximus and his human slave, Louis! 


27 June 2015

We have babies:  a black girl, a black boy, a black (brown) tabby boy and a black silver tabby and white girl.   I've started adding some photos to the slide show on the kittens page :)   I have my eye on the black silver tabby and white girl and the black girl who I hope will develop into show girls, although all the babies should be of excellent type due to their parents genes.


20 June 2015

Our girls are nesting, ahead of delivering their babies.  They have selected a total of 6 possible sites around the house, where cosy kittening boxes have now been placed.  But of course they may change their minds when they actually go into labour. The midwifery delivery support pack has been prepared, with scissors and feeding bottles etc. sterilised and at the ready, and the kittening pens are ready in the kitten room so we can move mum and babies after bonding is established.  


We rarely need to intervene other than holding paws, soothing, sometimes tying and tearing cords, and giving the odd kitten a gentle rub, but it's best to be as prepared as possible :)   I have my fingers crossed that our darling girls will have good deliveries and that their babies will be well and healthy.  They are certainly moving around enough in their mummies tums!


Also, our baby boy - well not such a baby boy now - has become a daddy today. Congratulations Kristin of Spellbound's Maine Coons in Norway on Maurice becoming a dad for the first time. 


6 June 2015

Happy birthday to our Annie who turns one today :) xxx


28 May 2015

Where has the time gone, our Maddox and Maisie Mae celebrated their first birthday today and their brother Mauricio, who lives in Norway, is due to become a daddy to his first litter soon.   He's become virile much earlier than his daddy Hugo !  Happy birthday Mauricio, Maddox and Maisie, you are all gorgeous.


14 May 2015

We have a new darling baby boy who has joined us.  Barney (AKA Buzz) has joined us from breeder Josie Hughes of Lisieux Maine Coons.  He is the most adorable boy and within minutes of being with us, acted as though he's always been here, demanding cuddles and making a big point in the fact that he'd finished his plate of raw food and wanted more - NOW!    He has Steve completely wrapped around his paws, a notable fact. 


10 May 2015

So, after not making the show yesterday, because my back was being a Devil, we made it today, courtesy of Chelsea being a complete star.  What a lovely day out and yet again it was lovely to see everyone. especially Louis, who brought Hugo and Sasha's baby boy Hugo Maximus out.  To be fair, he isn't a baby boy any more, but a hulking lad who gained his first CAP.  Well done Louis and Hugo Junior.  It was also great to see Woody gain his second CAC and go back for nomination.  Maisie Mae and Annie also gained their CAC's and little silver tabby girl, Ava, one of our new girls from Estonia, gained her EX1 and went back for nomination.


Such a joy to fly through the Dartford bridge and tunnel on the journey to and fro.  Also, the show team did so well finding a new venue at such short notice. What a team and how grateful we are to all their efforts in making sure us hobbiests can enjoy showing our cats.


2 May 2015

Happy birthday to our ever loving Tilly who turns two today.  A birthday she has celebrated by calling her head off and trying desperately to convince me to let her have one of 'those' kind of play dates  ......... bless her ;\


27th April 2015

Many Happy Returns to Sasha's babies Woody, Hugo Junior and Poppy who turned one today.  You are all looking absolutely stunning and are obviously living wonderful lives with your human and feline families.


19th April 2015

Happy birthday to Tilly's babies Eric, Rex, Tilly Rose and Ruby who turn one today.  So lovely to see how you have all grown into beautiful youngsters.


14 April 2015

Never one to stand back and scratch my head, I headed off to collect Ava and Eva, the Estonian girls that Chelsea and I found when browsing the net whilst in the Alpes.  Irina Kopstale, the breeder, has been wonderfully attentive and responsive and as a result, after driving over to Brussels International Airport, taking a flight over and back, and then driving back via the Eurotunnel, we now have a gorgeous silver tabby and an equally gorgeous silver tortie tabby as part of our household.  Funny how things work out sometimes !  Thank goodness for my ever tolerant and trusting husband and supportive kids :) 



4 April 2015

Well I gave in and arranged a ski trip anyway, even though I can't ski due to my back injury; the boys have spent the weekend exploring the slopes whilst Chelsea and I indulged in the spa and browsed and shopped; courtesy of the internet. Very surreal to be browsing whilst in an outside hot tub on a snowy mountain, with the snow falling heavily.  


It was a lovely weekend despite Steve scaring us to death by getting separated from the boys and lost on the mountain.  Thank God for the mountain rescue team who found him and brought him back down.  


Lastly, thank you Maddie and Adam for holding the fort and looking after both our house and Chelsea's house, and the furries whilst all this was going on!


27 March 2015

Well today, our feline brood enjoyed a hearty meal; courtesy of them managing to get the lid off the slow cooker ..... I came home to a brood of smirking cats who were licking their lips and looking very fat and smug.  Thanks guys!  Big sigh, I shall have to start a new casserole to serve our dinner guests, Jan and Garry (Eric's mummy and daddy), tomorrow night. 



22 March 2015

A great show weekend as Woody and Statham both gained EX1 and CAC's and Maddox 2 x EX1's.   All were so well behaved and an absolute credit to us.  It was a lovely show and it was so nice to see everyone again.  There are so many truly stunning up-and-coming cats on the show bench :)  


25 January 2015

Well, Chelsea was a saviour today, so Janeissa Maddox and Janeissa Maisie Mae did make it to the 2015 Winners Show event after all .... Mummy's back is very poorly but Chelsea stepped in and everything ran smoothly.   Maddox now has

another EX1 and had another trip up to the nomination panel,

and Maisie Mae gained an EX2 - losing out to Maddox.


Both girls behaved beautifully and indeed, were very beautiful

and received glowing show critiques.  How proud we are of

these litter sisters and how interesting it will be watching their

show career in the coming months. Their mummy Fergie and 

daddy Hugo are very proud parents.


7 January 2015

How time flies.  Tilly's babies are now over 6 weeks old (and are into everything and running everywhere around the house) and Fergie's babies are nearly 4 weeks old and just beginning to explore their world outside their kitten room.  It will soon be time to think about interviewing prospective new owners for these gorgeous babies. 


Other news from our house:  we're off to the Felis Britannica 'Winners Show' at the end of January.  It has been difficult deciding which of our qualified cats / kittens to take out, but we think it will be definitely be Maddox and Maisie Mae, but not completely sure.  We need to decide by Friday so I had better get a wiggle on and get my entry forms in when I have finally decided !



14 December 2014

Last show of the FIFe show year!   I had booked Sasha, Hugo and Maddox in for the show without realising that Chelsea was otherwise committed.  So with my bad back in tow, off we trotted to Swanley, very early on Sunday morning.  And what a great, but poignant day it was.  Mel Sweby, Show Secretary and part of the heart of Felis Britannica had sadly passed over the rainbow bridge the day before.  But much celebration and rememoration by the cat show community gave a very fitting and touching tribute to Mel's life and commitment to her family and the breed / show world.  


What a fitting day then, for Hugo and Sasha to gain their last points needed for their Championships.  So proud of them.  Also very proud of our home bred kitten Maddox who received a glowing show critique alongside her EX1.  Hugo was nominated for BIS, Maddox went up for nomination, and so did Hugo's son (Janeisssa Hugo Maximus), owned by Louis Epure, who at his first show secured his first EX1.  Louis had groomed and prepared Hugo Maximus to perfection and alongside Hugo Maximus's great looks, the judges were very impressed with both the performance of the kitten, and the owner, at their first show.   Well done to Louis.  


11 December 2014

Wow, more beautiful babies, delivered on day 63 of pregnancy, by our beautiful Princess, Fergie (Jungle Man's One and Only).  As ever, Fergie was ever efficient and diligent in giving birth and getting her babies off to a good start with a marathon feeding session.


Fergie and Hugo's babies are 2 girls and a boy, the girls being a bi colour tortie tabby, a blue tabby with white bib and paws, and the boy is a red tabby with white bib and paws. Another beautiful litter from this beautiful pair of cats that we love so dearly.


23 November 2014

Since Thursday we have played the game of 'is-she, isn't she' (in labour) and finally, this morning, Tilly started to deliver her babies. 


After many false starts over the last few days, the real thing started and unlike her last litter, Tilly delivered over a period of a day rather than 10 minutes apart, which (I think?) was better for Tilly, her babies, and for me.  I certainly had more time to be midwife between deliveries :0 (although I am seriously sleep deprived and have back-ache from sleeping in the kitten room - but hey-ho)


In any case, I am really pleased to say that Tilly is fine and in great health and is the proud mummy of 2 cream classic tabby boys, a red classic tabby boy, and a blue tortie baby girl with white paws.  


I know that when they are older, their daddy Hugo will enjoy taking them under his wing and help with being a hands-on father to them until they leave for their new homes.


In the meantime, the babies are feeding well and mummy Tilly is enjoying her bonding time with her babies, and I am looking forward to just a few hours sleep in my own bedroom.  But of course, I will have one eye on the CCTV of the kitten room in-between sleep time x


Hugs from Janeisssa Maine Coons



1 November 2014

The World Show 2014, held in Prague, was fantastic.  Our babies were so well behaved during the travelling, the hotel stay and throughout the show days. The show pens looked fantastic thanks to Chelsea's hard work and artistic abilities, and the lovely personalised Blankets and Pillows that Eric the Viking's mummy, Jan, made for our show cats looked great. We were so proud as Statham gained EX4 and Woody was awarded EX, and both boys took everything in their stride.  


We now also have a new girl who has joined us from Denmark.  She is Jungle Man's Navajo.  We have called her Jo-Jo and she is a really sweet girl with a very outgoing personality.  





19th October 2014

Today is Hugo's birthday and he has had a lot of fuss and pampering; well more than ever, that is!  Happy 2nd birthday to our darling, handsome boy xxx


Yesterday Chelsea and I attended the Viking Cat Club show in Bourne with Hugo, Sasha, Statham, Woody, Maisie Mae, Maddox and Annie.  PHEW!  Statham and Woody were in the same class, with Statham getting EX1 and BIV and Woody got EX2 in the class.  Maddox and Maisie Mae were in the same class with Maisie getting EX1 and Maddox getting EX2. Annie got EX1 in her class, Sasha got EX1 and another Championship point, and Hugo was a handsome poser on exhibition and gained lots of new admirers.  Very, very proud of all our cats.  


15th October 2014

A slightly belated posting to congratulate Janeissa Mauricio (Maurice) for attaining EX1 and BIV at his first show, which he attended in Norway last weekend.  Fantastic news and we are so proud of him.  Thank you Kristin for showing him so beautifully!


10th October 2014

Well, what a busy month for travel it has been.  On September 25th and 26th, I travelled to and from Oslo to collect Spellbound's Statham and to deliver Janeissa Mauricio to his new owner.  Both boys travelled like a dream, and gained a lot of attention from fellow travellers on their respective flights. Flying into and out of Brussels airport was a doddle. Statham settled in to our home very quickly and it already feels as if he has always been with us.


Then, on the 3rd October, Chelsea and I travelled to Paris to

attend the Animal Exposition held on 4th and 5th October.  

We took Spellbound's Statham and Janeissa Woody Maximus,

who is Chelsea's show kitten bred from Hugo and Sasha.  

Both boys did extremely well, especially as this was their first

show and there were large numbers in their class of the



Woody was awarded Excellent 1 (EX1) plus Best in Variety

(BIV) on the Saturday, with Statham gaining the EX2.  On the

Sunday, it was Statham's turn to win with EX1, BIV, and not to

be outdone, also bagged nomination for best in show kitten

in the 4-7 month category.  So Statham ended his first show 

on the podium for the Best in Show Finale.  Very good for 

just 5 months old; well done boys!


We also took Maisie Mae to the show, even though she had only just turned 4 months and was unlikely to be able to stand up against the bigger kittens.  But we wanted her to gain some show experience.  On Saturday, she gained an EX3 and on Sunday, an EX2; clever girl!


We are so proud of our kitties, they did so well and came away with trophies and ribbons, and a lot of praise and pampering from Chelsea and I.     


Next up is the show in Bourne, on 18th October, followed closely by the World Show in Prague on 25th and 26th October.   We have decided to take Statham and Woody to the World Show but are still undecided as to which cat/kitten will take the third slot ........


After the World Show, I will be travelling to Denmark to bring our new girl, Jungle Man's Navajo, home. She is already so beautiful so we cannot wait to see how she develops as she grows older.   Hugo and Statham will no doubt be vying for her attention as she becomes mature.  


Things have settled down with the girls calling patterns.  We had to put Sasha on 'the pill' as she was calling virtually non-stop and stopped eating :( which was such a worry.

Fergie has now been off call for a couple of weeks' - but nothing stops her from eating, she is a real foodie, and we are hoping that Tilly is expecting, following mating with Hugo ........ Yes, Hugo has now returned from his luxury holiday at Chelsea's house.  Hopefully we will have the pitter-patter of tiny paws in the coming months' which will be so exciting.  


So, watch this space for news!


And lastly, we have decided on the name 'Annie' for our latest new girly, Bhanacoyne Quixotic.  It's taken a while to decide on a name, and Annie really suits her personality.  


14th September 2014

Where has the year gone ????  I've just realised it's less than 2 weeks away before I collect Spellbound's Statham, our new boy, from Kristin Graff in Oslo, and then a week later we have the Paris show with 3 of our babies, and then it's the Bourne show, 2 weeks after, where we are taking 7, YES 7 with us, and then, it's The World Show a week later .... and whilst I have all the travel and accommodation arrangements in place, with 3 cats/kittens booked on the eurotunnel, I haven't a clue yet as to which cats/kittens we are taking out to Prague :0 ........   I had better get a wiggle on !!!!    Then a week after the WS it's off to Denmark to collect Jungle Man's Navajo, another baby girl.  Then before we know it, we will be heading for the Christmas season !!!!!!  Yikes !


6th September 2014

So, it's been a LONG...........LONG while, but we finally got back out on the show bench this weekend.  We took Sasha out for her first adult show and she gained her first CAC .... so proud of her, such a darling girl!   We also took Hugo out on exhibition and he loved all the fuss and attention from exhibitors and spectators alike.  He really is such a big softie and such a poser!  It was so lovely to see everyone and we realised just how much we had missed not being at shows over the summer.  Next year, we can hopefully space out our litters so we don't have all our girls having babies at the same time and be able to take one or two out to shows throughout the summer.  Here's hoping !


1st September 2014

Today we collected our new baby girl from Anne Cullen.  Her name is Bhanacoyne Quixotic and she's a black (brown) classic tabby.  However, we can't decide on her household name so the little love is being called 'new girl' and 'little kitty' at the moment.  She's very chatty and has settled in really well. We're looking forward to her meeting Maisie Mae and Maddox (the kittens we have kept back this year) in a couple of weeks' time as we are sure she would love the company of people other than us stuffy humans.


Hugo is living with Chelsea at the moment as all the girls are calling rampantly and he just didn't know what to do with himself and was howling like a wolf.  We weren't getting much sleep with the cacophony.   It was a case of placing Hugo in one of the runs attached to the house (not something I was keen on as he doesn't spray and is used to being in the home with us - so that didn't seem fair) or Hugo having a stint at Chelsea's. It was definitely the right decision.  He's acting like he's on holiday in a 5* deluxe hotel and has totally take Chelsea's kitten (Janeissa Woody Maximus) under his wing. However, he's really can't seem to work out what Chelsea's Pomeranian puppy 'Titan' (what a name!) is all about!   


16th June 2014

This weekend, we had some really lovely people visit to look meet our adult cats and the babies that Sasha and Tilly have.  Buzz, Jess, Woody, Dot and Lancelot (temporary pet names) are moving to their forever homes at the end of July, leaving only Camelot and Annalise awaiting their new slaves to seek them out.


The kittens and cats had a lovely time meeting their new families; lots of purring, prancing and preening all around.  I know they are all going to be very, very happy and very spoilt little kitties in their new homes.


14th June 2014

Today, we received notification that Hugo has earned the title of Regional Winner (Western Europe) by the TICA cat registry.  So he now has the title of RW as well as Quadruple Grand Champion, so is now 'RW QGC Bhanacoyne Hypersonic'.  We are so proud of our stunning, lovely, fantastic man.  Well done Hugo! 


28th May 2014

Today, Fergie, our Princess (Jungleman's One and Only) gave birth to 3 scrummy babies, delivering them between 1.30 and 5am this morning.  They are super weights, all above 150 grams and I just know they are going to be something special.   She has one high white black tortie girl, a blue tortie girl with white and a black tabby boy with white.  She was an absolute darling during the birth process and is being a fantastic mummy. Not a moment of fuss and so controlled and measured.  Well done our princess.


27th April 2014

Today, Sasha delivered her babies.  We have 3 gorgeous babies, one is a black silver tabby and white boy, there is also another boy, a warm brown tabby boy and a black tabby girl. Labour started at just gone midnight but Sasha took several hours between delivering each, so her last baby wasn't born until 10am this morning.  The babies are very large at around 150 grams. We're both very tired but babies are feeding well and mum is happy. Well done our lovely Sasha.


19th April 2014

Today, Tilly delivered her babies. She has 4 beautiful babies; a cream tabby boy, and cream tabby and white boy, a blue tortie tabby girl and a brown tortie tabby girl. She delivered them between 1 and 2am, one after the other. I couldn't keep up with her!   Talk about fast!  That's Tilly all over :)  Well done our darling Tilly.


3rd March 2014

Today, Chelsea, Matt, Steve and I attended the Felis Britannica Winners Award Gala dinner to receive Hugo's award as 2nd best Junior cat for the show year 2013. We are so proud of him. Well done to Wendy Chapman for her Birman who was awarded first place.  A stunning cat, well deserved!





Statham's trophy and ribbons from Sunday's show in Paris